Do you dream of using your talents and skills to start your own business?  

If so you may want ideas about:

  • How to identify your potential customers
  • Managing the change
  • How to put together a costing model & budgets
  • Promoting yourself and your business
  • Producing a Business Plan
Maybe you are already running a small business and would benefit from support with:
  • Identifying your Unique Selling Points (USP)
  • Producing useful Management Information
  • Expanding on what you already do
  • Recruiting the employees who share your dream
  • Managing and motivating existing employees

Life coaching enables you and your employees to:

  • Plan, develop and reach your shared goals for the future
  • Ensure your working life compliments your personal life
  • Turn limiting beliefs into positive attitude
  • Believe in yourself and the business
  • Uncover your talents and enjoy doing what you love

The Offer

Packages can be tailored to suit individual needs but as a guideline - there is no charge for the introductory ‘Getting To Know You’ session. All subsequent sessions are offered at £60 per session for 45 to 60 minutes. Phone calls are paid for by the client (or employer).

Where Life Coaching is provided face-to-face, Travel & Accommodation costs would apply.


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