Life Coaching is quickly becoming recognised as an invaluable support for our young people to help them cope with the demands that today's world places on them.  We are passionate about our work with young people and have a proven track record of success working directly with schools across West and North Yorkshire and independently with families.

Simply put, Youth Coaching re-engages, re-invigorates and re-focuses.  It provides an impartial friend who will listen to and understand the challenges faced by the young person through:

  • Dedicated 1 to 1 coaching, tailored to individual needs
  • Helping to recognise which Values are important to them personally
  • Focusing on confidence-building and communication skills
  • Helping to identify ambitions and cruicially, the behaviours that need to change in order to achieve success
  • Agreeing goals at every step and monitoring progress against these goals

Benefits for Schools:

  • Engaged and motivated students who are interested in their chosen subjects
  • An alternative way to narrowing the gap between students
  • Reduction in exclusions, isolations and detentions
  • Improved attendance levels
  • Allows teachers to do what they do best - spend their valuable time teaching

 Benefits for Families:

  • Reduced pressure on family life
  • A safe support system for your son/daughter
  • Confident teenagers who have the ability to discuss their challenges
  • Young people who understand their emotions and how to deal with them
  • Clarity on your child's future

The Offer

We understand the financial pressures that schools and families face but know that without financial investment in the right places an awful lot of our young people will fall by the way side.  Our pricing structure is realistic and reflects our commitment to contribute to the success of today's youth.

Bespoke packages are tailored to suit the needs of Schools or Colleges with discounts offered for parents of students where their school has a Youth Coaching contract in place.  As a general guide an individual session of 45 minutes costs £47.00.  Please contact us so that we can discuss your needs and provide a detailed quote.


"Many thanks for all your work this year Denise.  It is appreciated and you have done some fantastic work with some of our most challenging students.  You have made a difference and helped them through difficult periods in their lives."  Senior Assistant Head, Woodkirk Academy, June 2013

"Denise is able to communicate and build relationships with both young and the not so young. She has been working with my daughter for the last three years in a life coach capacity. My daughter is not a great communicator yet Denise is one of the few individuals my daughter will open up and talk to and she thoroughly looks forward to her sessions with Denise. As a result of these sessions with Denise she has been able to see her way forward in both career and personal goals. Denise has certainly proved herself invaluable to us and I would like to say everyone needs a Denise at some point in their lives. I would highly recommend her."   Parent, Wakefield, August 2013

"Denise is brilliant with the students and I have learnt so much from her"  Work Experience Student, May 2013

"I like the coaching, it’s built my confidence and it’s good to have someone to talk to about what happens in school. 

I enjoy the sessions and I like the exercises.  My Values exercise changed the way that I used to think to what I do now and sometimes I look at what I’ve achieved and the things I’ve change and I think ‘how did that happen?’

I like the Gizmo thing, it’s has been really useful and my Mum uses it with me too.

 Mum thinks I wouldn’t have been able to do what I’ve done without the coaching and she wants me to continue with it too".  Student, Woodkirk Academy, Wakefield

"It's been good.  It's helped me control my anger by understanding why I get frustrated and how to talk things through with a teacher.  It's also helped to control my anger at home.  Coaching has helped me to be more focused in lessons.  I've enjoyed coming to the sessions and I have enjoyed having someone to speak to about anything."  Student, Morley Academy, Leeds

"It’s been fantastic, really beneficial I feel like it’s working and I want it to continued.  It’s helped me improve my behaviour and it’s taught me how to look at things properly and be more realistic about things. 

I’ve been able to come and talk to Mrs Nowell about things which I wouldn’t talk to other people about."  Student, Moor End Academy, Huddersfield

"As a result of the coaching I view my work in a different and much more positive way.  I now understand how to approach my work in a much more effective way.  I have enjoyed being understood and not being viewed in a negative way because of my 'perfectionist' traits.  I have also enjoyed talking to Denise - she is a lovely woman."  6th Form Student, Leeds


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