Additional Courses

Below are details of some of the other courses that are available from Choices Coaching. If you would like to know more about any of these courses, please contact us.



Choices Entrepreneur is a Business Game where students work in teams and use their Business Studies knowledge to grow a small company and maximise its profit.


Over a period of 6 weeks, teams compete with each other by managing a fictional company (which produces and sells items such as MP3 players, phones, cameras and televisions) to see how profitable they can make it.


Each week, students have two sessions where they spend 10-15 minutes setting their business parameters, which are put into place for a simulated 3 months. These parameters include :

  • The amount of money to be spent on Marketing or Research and Development
  • The prices to be charged for different items
  • The numbers of staff to employ in the Assembly and Tele-Sales departments
  • The salaries to be paid to employees
  • The number of component sets to buy in (for assembling the items) and the source where these are to be bought from.

After the company has aged by 3 months, teams will be given a new set of Management Reports that show how their company is performing.


Over the simulated 3 year period, the teams will be able to see the effect that different decisions have had. By doing this, the candidates get to see what impact different types of managerial decisions have on a small business.


This provides an ideal way of complementing a Business Studies course, allowing students to put the theory into practice in a realistic and engaging environment.